Numbers 8

The lamp stands set up in the tabernacle are symbolic as well as practical. They hold the lights but are not the light. In revelation the church is described as lamp stands, the platform for God’s light.

Imagining the inside of the tent. All that smoke, 2 altars and incense. Almost no other light. 

The levites are dedicated to God’s service. This is the rest of practical help, the priests were dedicated back in Leviticus. 

Were reminded that they are the substitute for the first born sins of all Israel. They shave their bodies for purification. 

They retire at 50 and mentor the next generation, but don’t work.

There were 10s of thousands of them in the count, I don’t imagine it being that hard a life in some regards. 

The are elements of a model for full time Christian ministry. Even minor roles are to have that sense of dedication, being aware of representing the service and support of those who are giving.


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