Leviticus 25

The concept of leaving fields fallow one year in 7. Plus the concept of a jubilee year one year in 50.

These are both systems for breaking down the sense of entitlement that wealth brings over time.

The Lord promises extra harvest in year 6 to cover no harvest in year 7.  Its described as a sabbath for the land. It lends spiritual significance to good agricultural practice.

This is a trust thing and an anti greed thing.  Its acknowledging that it is the Lord who provides wealth, and trusting him to provide because of our obedience, not our efforts. A modern company would have the instinct to treat the extra yield in year 6 as a windfall, and year 7 as an opportunity for growth, but this philosophy is one of sufficiency and sharing, not exploitation of advantages to get ahead.

The Jubilee year has a detailed system that allows a reset of wealth and inequality.  Wealth breeds a sense of entitlement over time, but God’s people are to understand that it comes from God.  This rule breaks the tendency of inequality to increase and become entrenched over time.

I liked the reference by the Lord back to the slavery of Egypt. He’s not going to deliver them from slavery to slavery.  Ingrained social inequality is a modern slavery.

Many rules in Leviticus seem primitive or harsh from the modern perspective. This flips that, we have no modern equivalent of the jubilee year to redistribute property every 50 years.  Property belongs to God. Tell the landed gentry, the real estate investors that.


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