Leviticus 11

And… dietary rules.  Rather a jarring progression from the death in the last chapter, but here we are.

There really isn’t much scientific basis to the rules, though the pork restriction, for example, it did protect them from some parasites that we don’t see much any more.  Careful cooking also can fix it.

I read the wikipedia article on the modern “leviticus diet” based on all this which appears to have been a sham scheme to sell branded supplements and viewed dubiously by nutritionalists.  Its not a bad diet, its just that a number of the restrictions don’t necessarily add to its health properties.

Its about obedience, being set apart, external and self discipline, pure and simple, I think. And of course for christians the idea of adopting a leviticus diet doesn’t really jibe with the vision of Paul where God invited him to eat all the “unclean” stuff, which he later turned into his “eat whatever, as long as you don’t offend people” advice.


3 thoughts on “Leviticus 11

  1. I’ve been reading this book for over a month now, still a bit mystified about it. It IS the God I know and love, but certainly not easy to know his point here. Best guess he gave them all these rules to keep them out of trouble. All the other people around them had religions with rituals, temples, things to worship. Ironically, the true God doesn’t really need these things, but I think he knew the people just weren’t ready to worship him in a way that didn’t resemble their existing idea of organised religion. Humans love festivals, and inherently link them to spirituality. We still have christmas, easter and the lord’s supper.

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