Leviticus 6

Leviticus is so far working out better than I expected.  I know, I’m being condescending to God. That would probably cost me a ram or something back in the day.

The rules are, for the moment, not random and arcane, which I confess I did expect. There is a strong thread of very personal morality running though it. 

There is tenderness to the poor and the exploited. 

It’s easy to condemn sins you see as an existential threat to your world view, and which you are personally unlikely to commit. But the sins constantly referred to are not the equivalents of abortion or condemnation of gay marriage that you hear from conservative Christians. Here we have things like not defending victims of unfairness, or taking unfair economic advantage of others. The emphasis is on getting the log out of your own eye more than the splinter in others.

It is sexist though. The gender of the priests, even the gender of the animals is a big deal. 

In this chapter there are more details about different kinds of offering, but again the sins referred to are deceptions, for example lying about lost property, greed, cheating others.


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