Leviticus 4

This chapter is about specific events, intentional sins by individuals, the people or priests, and unintentional sins, once they become obvious.

We spend a lot of time a Christians talking down the idea of sin being individual bad things. It’s true that in a state of grace, its wrong to portray our belief as this fear-driven knife edge where every wrong step puts us out of relation with God until it can be put right. 

But our specific bad acts so have consequences, and nothing undermines trust in and effectiveness of the church more than unacknowledged hypocracies and ethical failings, small or large. 

We see a similar pattern in big business, the need to confess, acknowledge “sins” to restore trust with clients. There the motive is profit, but how much more when the motive is our love for God and for each other.

Sins matter from a practical point of view now more than a cosmic point of view. Our assurance of forgiveness, Jesus once and for all sacrifice, means we don’t have to spend time fretting over each sin. But we should be fearless in acknowledging and mopping up the consequences of our failures.

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