Leviticus 2

Grain offerings. I find myself visualising it like a Vienna roll, but solid, no yeast, like a brick. But I suppose it was flat bread. Part was kept to feed the priests.

I’m not much of an animal rights person, but I’m glad this does show a vegan sacrifice option. It’s not about God absolutely needing blood, is about the first fruits, giving back some of the best to acknowledge the source of life. 

There is lots of detail about how is cooked. Not sweet, no yeast. Oil, salt.

It’s a niggle that the Israelites were in the wilderness and itinerant when they got this rule. They didn’t have crops presumably, though I suppose they carried some grain with them. They lived off mana and quail. 

But this system is for the long haul, when they are in the promised land. 

Anyway, chapter 2, grain offerings, let’s see where this is going.

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