Leviticus 1

The moment I’ve been dreading ever since I conceived the plan to blog the Bible. Leviticus for me is token of the most boring book of the Bible. 

That may not be true literally, I don’t really think much about Deuteronomy or numbers. Stretches of the major prophets, Ezekiel for example, I recall are almost impossibly hard to read. 

But I’m anticipating Leviticus to be dry. Repetitive, obscure, unengaging.

Will my personal quintessence of old testament dullness reward reading and come alive as god’s word? We’ll see.

I just read exodus, so I know what they are talking about in chapter 1 about Moses in the tent of meeting. It’s where Moses went to talk with God before the tabernacle and the whole superstructure of the religious system was set up. So we are getting reports of those conversations.

This one is probably while the work making the tabernacle is underway, because we are getting details of sacrifice. How to select, cut up and burn various animals in a specific way that makes for a satisfactory sin offering to God.

It’s ritual, to remind us that God is very important and worth trying hard to please, holiness can’t be approached easily by sinners.  It has the sting of death, to remind us that sin is repugnant. It is a serious financial cost, these animals are the people’s survival and livelihood, and only the best and most valuable are to go to God. To remind us that all good things come from God in the first place.

So me. I’m living in Sydney, wife and 3 kids 2 grown up who won’t or can’t leave home, I’m the main provider, 55 this month and aware that I can’t go on doing that forever.  

I spend the majority of the week in an enjoyable job that sufficiently engages my creativity and intellect though not my soul. 

Very happy in my local church which has lots of opportunities for helping the local community, which I largely don’t do. 

My main concern is for my children, all of whom have particular needs. I partner in parenting, and support my darling wife as she does full time study. 

Our house has problems, we are overcrowded, and I do bits of work to fix it up but we don’t have the funds to do it properly. 

Parenting and house issues are my main source of difficulty and tension. 

Spending time with my wife, engaging with the kids, church, my hobby of songwriting and this are my main pleasure and leisure activities. And lots of TV. I’m blessed to have married someone that to this day, I simply love being with.

So connections between the two… 

Jesus is my sacrifice. He had the sting of death to show how repugnant is sin, God gave of his best and most precious, his son, his taking on human flesh and living out a life on earth was a rural showing that holiness is very important, and love.

Because of Jesus’ live poured out, I live here in Sydney now in a state of loved grace,

Reading Leviticus.

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