Exodus 30

The altar of insence and the lamps, including the washing that priests must do, and the offertory that pays for the upkeep of the system.

Holiness, things we can do for God.

We have burning, of fragrant insence and lamps. Pleasing God, obedience, good works

Anointing, oil is seen as cleansing and literally would have replaced bad smells with good ones. Accepting god’s cleansing, letting grace make your life smell better.

Washing. Cleaning away dirt in recognition of god’s purity and holiness. Showing god reverence, it’s respect and in a larger sense it’s seeking God, wanting a relationship.

Giving money and time, supporting dedicated workers for god’s service.

We get the formulas for the oil and insence… They are copyright God, and anyone else making that material is in grave trouble.

When the wise men bought God, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus, it was very much an offering identifying him with God. Gold is over the altar, myrrh in the oil and frankincence in the incense.


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