Exodus 23

Lots more rules, but they are a bit interesting.

Starts with a section on kindness, fairness. There is an anti schadenfreude rule… Help an enemy with a problem, don’t just enjoy it.  Don’t go with the crowd, make your own judgements. A society built on love honesty and kindness.

Festivals are established. How many of gods, even Jesus few absolute behavioural commands, boil down to parties or gatherings. One festival for Passover and two for harvest (beginning and end) the rhythm of years, communal memory. Very important to God.

I like this God, hearts in the right place! 

Ends with a promises of protection for their nation in the promised land. Unfortunately I’ve already read judges, how it all panned out, one of the saddest books so far. He did protect them but they undermined him every step of the way until they were a very corrupt society that did not resemble this model at all.

We live in a world where these values still underpin us but are fading. Income inequity is accelerating. 

We are heading into Easter. Four days off, ought to be good, but the family is unhappy. Could use some grace and wisdom, feeling too harried for either.


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