Exodus 19

We enter a long part of exodus, about 12 chapters (I peaked ahead)… Where Moses gets the 10 commandments. What you don’t remember is that he also gets a gazillion more, setting up the whole Israelite religion. 

It’s tempting to do an entry “exodus 19 – 32, God is very very holy” but I’m not in a hurry. Let’s actually read it and see what is there to learn about God.

It amazing really how vague their religion must have been til then. There is a string of divine interactions, promises, blessings that have created the nation from the original 12 sons of Jacob. 

Thats peachy for the leaders, but as an nation they have had not a lot of outward means of showing their relationship with God. 

Today centers on mount Sinai, which is a physical location for God. Moses is called to an appointment there, a bit like the people who are called by aliens to go to the mountain in “close encounters of the third kind”. 

It’s very very holy. There is a list of things to show that. They have a 3 day feast to prepare. They wash. Abstain from sex. Must not touch the mountain. Thunder and lightning, cloud, you name it.

A stage is well and truly set. And held. For 12 chapters.

If it sounds like I’m not connecting at the moment, that right. I’m sort of numb, everything feels bland at the moment. It’s not a dramatic feeling, but I’m in a low.

But i do trust God to lead me, as he has led the Israelites to this point in exodus. A desert and a mountain they must not touch. So let’s see where we go with this. 

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