Exodus 10

Never underestimate how wrong people can be. Locusts, darkness for 3 days you can feel. Pharaoh is giving ground but both know it’s not about just going away to worship God for three days, it’s leaving with everything. 

So Pharaoh allows the men to go. No, women and children too. So then he allows everyone to go, but not take livestock. Nup.

Everything is 3 days, notice that? 

It’s god hardening Pharaoh’s heart this chapter, that his mightiness may be known. I don’t really understand: do we need god’s help to be greedy?

Ends ominously, Pharaoh is sick of Moses, sends him away and doesn’t want to ever see him again. “You won’t”, says Moses.

Sometimes God doesn’t just speak, he yells.  

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