Exodus 8

Plagues are in full swing now. 

Frogs. To demonstrate the lord’s power Moses accurately commands them to die first in the houses, then in the river. But the magicians can copy and pharaoh isn’t impressed.

Gnats. The magicians can’t copy that one and say it is the “finger of God”. Pharaoh doesn’t listen.

Flies. They cover everywhere except where the Israelites are. Pharaoh finally relents… A little… Offers a compromise deal: they’ve been asking for 3 days worship time in the desert. He offers it locally. Moses sticks to the request. They do a deal. He calls off the flies. Pharaoh renigs.

It’s not just Pharaoh who is learning about God here, his power his persistence, its Moses. He must be getting much better at taking to Pharaoh. He’s learning that God never gives up.

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