Genesis 47

Joseph settles his family in Egypt. And his acumen pays off for the Pharaoh.

His diplomatic presentation of the family to Pharaoh works a charm. He selects 5 brothers to present… Wouldn’t it be interesting to know which? They are suitably humble, grateful and unthreatening. Old Jacob comes in and blesses Pharaoh. They get prime land to use.
Then the chapter spells out how Pharaoh’s God given dream and administrator worked out.

Bring the only source of food for 7 years consolidated his power and wealth in the whole region. He had a lot to be grateful to Joseph for. And Joseph’s family thrived.

And we are so close, just chapters away from, the slavery and escape of exodus.

God gives happy endings. Enjoy them. But you can’t second guess his plans.

I am happy at the moment, it at least at peace in myself. But there is much sad. I feel ineffectual. In my family, my spiritual life. My use of time. My relationship with Kelly I’m thinking about today particularly because of St. valentine (not to mention the hallmark card company).

I can’t second guess god’s plans but I can subvert them. We’ve seen a lot of that in genesis. I need to get into what I feel god is calling me to do, give it priority.


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