Genesis 30

Women are thrown at Jacob and he doesn’t say no. Rachel, not conceiving, sends her servant to him. Bing bing, more Israel tribes. 

Leah, not to be outdone, sends her servant. Bing bing again.

Both women are keen to eat rare mandrakes… a folk infertility cure, found by Leah’s son. Leah let’s Rachel have them in payment for a turn of Jacob. Bing.

The women are treating him like a stud bull. It’s a household that is very pragmatic about sex.

The mandrakes appear to work for Rachel (could she have tried prayer and trust of God?). Bing! Joseph is born. The account ascribes it to God finally having mercy on Rachel.

Jacob prepares to leave laban and set up on his own. He devises a crafty differential breeding program to diddle laban and get all the strong livestock as part of his separation package. 

Business as usual, everyone tricking everyone else. OK we’re getting how the tribes of Israel came to be, but it’s not a glorious process. 

Barely any mention of God at all this chapter. His plans are being realised, but he doesn’t seem present or part of their everyday lives, despite Jacob having had a grand vision of heaven and angels given to him.

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