Genesis 29

We’re getting the founding of Israel. Jacob’s children have the names of the 12 tribes. But still the story is marred in pettiness.

He travels… I think to avoid being killed by essau… to his cousins, and falls for his cousin Rachel. He works 7 years for his uncle laban. It’s agreed that the wages for 7 years work is to be marrying Rachel. But laban substitutes her less pretty older sister Leah in the wedding night (must have been some party).

A week later he’s allow to also may Rachel and then works another 7 years. Everyone seems quite calm about this arrangement, except Leah who didn’t like not being favourite (but presumably played asking with the wedding night trick).

From this very dodgy union the first 3 tribe founders are born. 

The only reference to God in it all is Leah’s thanks to him for giving her children as compensation for not being loved.


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