Genesis 27

Coming back to genesis after a hiatus. I realise why I had to stop for a bit, it’s depressing. Once man leaves the garden, its downhill.

Everyone here is awful. It’s a famous story about Jacob cheating his blind old father Isaac to get the oldest son’s birthright.

Everything is wrong. Isaac the father already knows God promised Jacob would be the vehicle of god’s blessing. Yet he wants to give his own blessing to essau. He attempts to hide his cantankerous willfulness from Jacob and God.

Essau is not a holy or disciplined man, he can’t keep away from the local girls despite god’s command, and he impulsively sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew. Now, late in the piece its important to him again.

Rebecca and Jacob are deceitful, lying and cheating to make sure god’s plan is done rather than trusting him. They act unbelievably poorly, Jacob co-opts god into the lie!

I may not have been enjoying genesis but by golly it is true.

God faces this kind of moral soup from us every day. No one is pure. He must act in our world to save some from the quagmire in love.

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