2 Samuel 7

Who’s building who’s house?

David feels bad for how he’s treating God. David lives in a fine house, the King’s palace, and God’s place is a tent, the tabernacle the Israelites carried out of Egypt across the desert. He starts to plan to build a temple.

But God, through Nathan the prophet and though directly speaking to David says, ever so gently, “you don’t build God a house, god builds you a house”.

And he promises that David’s house will continue forever. We know this refers to Jesus, who was of David’s line. It also kind of refers to Solomon, since those two kings in a row were the most blessed period Israel ever had.

David spends the rest is the chapter saying “thanks” … For everything. Contemplating how far god has bought him and how much god has blessed him. 

David has a wonderfully bold way of talking to God. He doesn’t waste a lot of time in “I’m so unworthy” more “you love me, praise you for loving me!”

Feeling unworthy today. This is encouraging. “I will dwell in the house of the lord forever”

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