2 Samuel 1

David finds out about the death of Saul from a young amelakite who was responsible for finishing him off. 

If the messenger thought he’d be rewarded he was mistaken. David has him executed for killing the lord’s anointed. 

It’s harsh but David is absolute that kingship is given by God. He will not set the precedent in Israel of taking the monarchy by your actions. 

You’re be forgiven if you expected David to celebrate that the crazy old king who was desperate to kill him was dead. he’s devastated, tears apart his clothes and fasts. 

He mourns singing the “song of the bow”, praising Saul and Jonathan. he focuses particularly on jonathan who he loved so much.

Do we learn anything of God here? David’s eulogy doesn’t directly mention the lord. 

But the fact that he is in self imposed exile, that he didn’t take opportunities to kill Saul who would have killed him in a heartbeat. That he meted out punishment for taking the kings life even though it suits him politically, that he has done nothing to pursue the kingship God gave gave him, despite being a clearly gifted and natural leader, all show how deeply he does not rely on his own strength. 

Samuel taught him everything he knows about kingship, and Samuel was very aware it is not god’s best plan, that God would rather the people acknowledge that only God is king. 

David is bringing that understanding to his reign. I will learn from this that god is king, and not take credit for my own power, or give that power to anyone else.

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