1 Samuel 24

Classic story of grace. David gets Saul cornered when he wanderers into the caves they were hiding out in. But he won’t kill him and Saul walks free.

David has the opportunity to talk with Saul and explains that he won’t act against him as the lord’s anointed. Saul is shamed and promises to stop attacking David if David just agrees not to obliterate his line.

Saul appears, at least here, to be as jonathan said in the last chapter. Ultimately he accepts that God is in charge and can make David king. 

David does not have what Donald trump would call a winning temperament. He doesn’t hit back twice as hard when hit. What he displays here is a profoundly godly temperament. His behaviour has nothing to do with his own victory or power and everything to do with god’s.

It’s refreshing. It’s like learning to believe in good again, truth will out, fair play will triumph. 

With a wave of backlash around the world, the gospel of putting yourself first, this is a prayer I suddenly want to pray with passion.


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