1 Samuel 18

Oh crumbs it’s the foreskins chapter. 

I’ve read this bit before. The story of David’s early life is one is the most exciting parts of the Bible, just for the story of it. 

But there is this violence in the life of those days…

What you have here is a general in an army at war. He was killing philistines and they were killing Israelites, it was his job and his duty. 

David was poor and had only his skill as a commander and brilliant military servant of the nation to give for a dowry to marry the kings daughter, who is way out of his league. The 200 foreskins he offered for her hand were grim evidence. 

But still I hate it. I believe God hated it. 

These are the transactions of sinful people being relayed to us. God chose David to be king, this is how it happened. Doesn’t mean everything that happened is #blessed. The Bible is very dispassionate that way.

The message of the chapter is Amadeus: loved by God. David is, Saul is not. It drives Saul crazy, enough to throw spears at David. But not enough to bury his pride and ask God for forgiveness. 

You meet tortured souls like Saul. The sadness of it dominates the chapter for me. Pray for them.


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