1 Samuel 17

David and Goliath. David isn’t even in this battle… He’s just bringing supplies to his brothers (and news back to his father). 

It’s very star wars, even down to the “use the force” moment where they suit him up with armour and he’s so small he can’t really walk, so he has them take it off again. Goliath is a human death star.

And armed only with his slingshot and five smooth river stones is like when Luke says “I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home”. He gets his bullseye – Goliath’s forehead – on the first stone and it’s all over.

It’s trust in his destiny, in the force of God. he improvises in the belief that gods will will be done.

I am not a bold person. I’m excited by this example of godly boldness. 

For me at the moment I want that spirit to define three things in my life:

  • my participation in my new church, which has all sorts of practical ministries with the poor and vulnerable.
  • Music. I’m old and unsure of my music, but I want to start a Christian band playing my songs. I feel it’s an important defining thing for my remaining years. I feel that is I show off my musical skill this way, all sorts of possibilities to use my best natural talent for God will open to me.
  • My kids. I want it to define how I interact with them.

Thank you father for the inspiration of David. He emboldened a whole nation to love you whole heartedly, and without fear. May his example embolden me to serve you!

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