1 Samuel 5

In the last chapter the Israelites weren’t able to use the ark as a magic box to ensure victory over their enemies in the absence of actually sincerely following the lord. 

In this chapter the philistines regret bending it to their symbolic purposes. God will not be tamed. 

They set it up in their temple of Dagon and overnight God breaks Dagon’s statue so it bows before the ark. Then people get sick, they send it away, people get tumours wherever it goes. This is the real Steven Speilberg stuff. 

This meta story is in aid of all people accessing god’s blessing. The philistines acknowledge, really, the lord’s might by fearing the ark when it is bought to the battlefield. When they won they would have thought “Jehovah who?” Until all is this…

But as much as evidence of god’s power piled up, it was not easy for them to simply repent and turn to God, he was the god of the Jews. Maybe some of them came to fear the true God in their hearts, but how much easier is that option for us, how lucky are we to be living now? 

I believe this chapter, easily. It shows god’s power. Praise him that I also know his grace!


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