1 Samuel 3

God speaks … In a temple no less! 

God does the old 1 2 3.. when people aren’t ready to hear him, we so often see this repetition. Like the calling of Gideon, the plagues in Egypt, or when Christ takes several stages to heal a blind person.

And now Samuel, as a boy living in the temple, hearts good call him 3 times, thinking it’s the chief priest eli, before he is told it is God’s voice.

And this is a temple, why would anyone expect to hear him there? This is the story of Samuel being chosen to be a vehicle, a prophet. 

But the emotional centre of the story goes to eli, the chief priest, who has seen his sons betray and pervert the faith. He knows the word of the lord has left his line, he expects the word to Samuel to reflect badly on him. And he accepts it with graceful resignation. One can only imagine how his sleep went the rest of the night once he realised the lord was calling Samuel.

May I gracefully accept your judgement lord, and your challenges.


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