Ruth 2

Ruth and her mum Naomi are in dire straights without income and Ruth a foreigner. Undaunted Ruth goes gleaning – a sort of begging/welfare where you follow harvesters hoping to pick up the odd bit they drop. It’s a story of goodness finding kindness. The owner of the field is a relative, Boaz, who takes Ruth under his wing and makes sure she gets enough, gives her lunch, and ensues her safety – she’s vulnerable. This is because he’s heard the story of her kindness and loyalty to Naomi.

I grew up with this story and this view of the world. Be good and self effacing, and your quality will be recognised and rewarded. It’s a morality that doesn’t actually play out in life all that often, or even in the Bible. Reading it here after Joshua and judges, it’s quaint for its lack of violence and pride.

But I do still return to this as my expectation of life. I am relentlessly optimistic.

From a revelation point of view, we are in set up. These are godly people, being godly. They are modeling good behaviour, but god is offstage. I’ve forgotten where the story is heading. Bring it on!

I’ve been very sad this week that I am the only one in my family whose life seems to have worked out well so far. I feel stressed and vulnerable. Kelly, my wife’s birthday, and she’s having a quiet mid life crisis. Doesn’t know what to do. Good people don’t always end up happy.

Praying for them all a lot.


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