Ruth 1

“wherever you go, I will go, where you die, I will die and there be buried”

Some goodness.

I’ve just read judges, the period from which this story comes. Despite many great moments it is a harsh and depressing book. We zoom in here on intimate lives with much bad luck and sadness. But also great goodness. The gentleness is a relief.

Naomi is a Jewish woman in a foreign land (Moab) who loses 3 men, leaving just herself and two daughters in law. That makes her about the most weak and miserable person possible in that society.

Naomi is a believer and obviously kind and strong, because the girls both from Moab want to take the dangerous journey back to Israel… Bethlehem.

This is crazy they will be foreigners, doomed to poverty in a patriarchal society. She convinced one of the girls to stay but Ruth sings a song or says a poem where she throws her lot with Naomi and the lord. It’s very moving.

Very quickly we have a portrait of Ruth, she has shown herself to be a person of faith, and reflected how the lord has shone though Naomi. It’s the wonderful touch of grace in these sad, failing lives. Very beautiful.

Thank you for this story lord. For reminding me of grace and hope in the most sad circumstances.

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