Judges 18

Oh gosh, the story is so sad. It’s turned into a pale remake of exodus and Joshua. But every detail is wrong, and demonstrates how far they have gone from gods plan.

The tribe of Dan have, it seems, never bothered to claim the land they were given. So this is the story of them doing that. They get no help other than passive from the other tribes: they are allowed to pass over their lands. That is what their sense of nationhood has become.

A war party of 600 come to Micah’s house. They take his mercenary priest and his idols. The priest is semi kidnapped but then they point out he’ll be more important and better paid by them so he flips to liking it. He’s a pathetic self serving excuse for a priest. He’s like the equivalent of Moses in exodus, but money talks louder than God.

Thy idols are like the equivalent of the arc of the covenant. But they are just stolen pieces of foreign carving.

Michah realises they’ve been taken and rides out to reclaim them, but is too weak against the 600 Danites. He vents his frustration that they’ve taken everything that means anything to him. But the irony is of course, how powerless are the gods? Lumps that men fight over!

The Danites are thieving bullies with seemingly no relationship with Jehovah at all.

The people they defeat are portrayed in terms where you are supposed to feel a bit sorry for them. They are defenceless, leaderless, amoral and weak and are unsparingly cut down by the raiders of Dan.

If Israel is the house of the lord, god has left the building.

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