Judges 16

Samson’s weakness is famously his hair and delilah. I forgot there are actually three women in his story. He’s a serial fool for love/lust.

We saw yesterday his disastrous first marriage. The delilah chapter starts with him visiting a whore, which is seen as a chance to ambush him. It fails, he displays super human strength.

Then delilah. She betrays him 4 times, each time berating him that he doesn’t really love her because he didn’t tell her the truth about what would make him weak. Is he really that dumb? Yes. He finally tells her that his uncut hair, the last nazarene vow unbroken, is his strength. 

Captured, blinded and bought after humiliating captivity to be ridiculed at the philistines temple of dagon, the story reaches its climax. 

They have let his hair grow, oops. He prays, the only acknowledgment of God by him in the story, and brings down the temple on himself and all in attendance. 

I loved this story when I was young – it’s a tragedy, I really got the poignancy of what could have been. The gifted man who squandered it, making one last revenge on the enemy while sacrificing himself.

He has the most blessing of any of the judges, and seems the most determined to waste it. What does it mean? Yolo I suppose, you only live once. Don’t waste it. If you’re ever tempted to think Christ cheated on being fully human because he could do miracles, think of Samson. Miracles galore, but flawed, flawed, flawed.

Don’t let me waste your blessing lord, may I not be decadent with your gifts. 


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