Judges 9

Gideon! Such a story of god’s blessing on his endeavours, but so squandered. The story of his family goes from sad to disastrous as his son by a concubine kills 70 brothers to consolidate power and rule Israel with fear.

One son escaped and told a parable that they had made a thornbush the king, which would only hurt them.

His power base from Shechem, a commercially successful alternate capital in the north, was Canaanite and unstable and became his enemy. He destroyed them and was himself destroyed.

It is a story of sin eating itself, multiple times. Gideon rise from reluctant humility to greatness, we were warned that his momento, the gold ephod, became a snare for his family. The mightiness of his inheritance became a contradiction of his deflection of personal glory to god’s power.

They were strong and influential, but in almost Gideon like odds, the least of them, abimelech the concubines son, destroyed the lot bar the youngest.

Then, after being cursed by Jothan, the escapee son, abimelech destroyed his own flip flopping allies, Shechem, scorching the earth where it stood. And was himself destroyed by them in the process.

The point appears to be sin, showing its corruption. How it comes to nothing.

I think of it as a “lock, stock and two smoking barrels” end. That is a movie about gangsters. The protagonists get between various tough dudes and by the denoument  are in such massive trouble, you can’t imagine how it will resolve. Then the gangsters all destroy each other.
So often sin and corruption destroy themselves. This is a strange story, observational, not necessarily a fable.

But it probably has something to teach us about not panicking when everything seems to have gone to pot.


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