Judges 7

In our weakness is he made strong 

Gideon is the topsy turvy hero the world needed to get god’s message that God is in charge, what it means to be blessed.

Facing battle God whittles his army down from 22000 to 300 to demonstrate that it is not going to be a victory of their own strength.

Gideons timidity is a given both by God and the narrator. God says”go down to the camp, or if you are too scared, take Purah your servant with you” …”so Gideon and Purah…”

Reconnaissance shows the foreign armies are highly scared of the Israelites. They outnumber them ridiculously, but they know there is something supernatural about the Israelites and god’s favouring of them.

Gideon’s force creates a loud noise and fear of attack in the middle of the night, the sleepy larger army panic, turn on themselves and run and Israel claims much land back from them, routing them all over the place.

It is a pattern that reflects god’s patience with our lives as we fail to seize our blessed inheritance from him again and again, and he forgives us over and over.

May I  value your grace father.


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