Judges 5

Wow, Deborah’s victory song is a wild celebration of people power… the people are the princes of Israel when they offer themselves willingly for God.  They are strengthened by his blessing as they rise like the sun – stronger the higher they get.

Jael gets her praise here too, from Deborah. Taking down the mighty commander of the oppressing army. She vividly imagines him falling down before Jael.

She illustrates the impact of his loss through the eyes of women: his mother, a chatelain, peering out from behind lattice, wondering why he is taking so long. Her attendants speculating that he is about men’s business, dividing the spoils of war, fine clothes, 2 women each.  Well, he found two women, but not the cowering victims they were imagining!

I love that it is celebrated as a woman’s victory integral to being God’s victory. It is not a cringing recognition of their symbolic weakness – God’s might is shown through using even weak women, Deborah is feeling strong in him. God is the empowerer.  He’s raised up the people, he’s raised up Deborah, he is the source of strength, and they are celebrating strength.

Got to write some music for this one some day, its a stunner. Praise God! “May all who love you be like the sun when it rises in its strength.”

I am strong like the sun, rise up with me,
I can beat this world,
drive a tent peg through its head!

Higher and higher, stronger and stronger

Crack the dark, the days first beam
drive the shadows away
rise up like the sun,
kiss the world with love

Higher and higher, stronger and stronger


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