Joshua 18

There are still 7 tribes who haven’t had the land allocated so Joshua gets organised. He sends out a survey party with representatives from each tribe to define the parcels of land and then they are allocated by lot. A practical system.

Does that mean the rest of Joshua will be devoted to announcing the seven winners and describing the boundaries of their portions? Yeah, pretty much I gather.

If course it’s a moment lodged deep in the psyche of two, possibly three of the world’s great religions. The promised land, my portion and my lot. God’s blessing, god’s grace, as deserved as the luck that drove the casting of the lots.

Benjamin’s lot is carefully described by borders. Relatively meaningless and boring today, but it would have been wondrous to them, cherished.

It’s a fittingly strange way for a nation to move into its homeland, for a fittingly strange nation.

If God had not chosen them I suppose they would have remained an ethnic sub group of Egypt for ever.

Some people never accept god’s choosing, they harden their hearts and break mine.

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