Joshua 17

The plot of Joshua has really gone to pot. Another chapter about how the land was divided.

I wonder if this was god’s plan, because they are moving into land that has not necessarily been conquered. Was the conquering time supposed to be longer, but Joshua just got old and the people tired of war?

The tribe of Joseph and Joshua have a very typical negotiation recorded. They say they are a great tribe, so why have they only one lot of good land and some hilly land full of warlike people with iron chariots? He says that if they are so great, then they’ll beat the warriors and use the mountain land well… reminds me of asking my dad for stuff.

It’s commented that a largish parcel of land went to a group of women, sisters in a family without male heir who argued their right. A bit of ancient gender equality!

Had homegroup last night, much to pray for. Sickness, sadness, family strife.


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