Joshua 16

This is the fourth chapter in a row telling how the promised land was divided up among the people. Why didn’t they just make it one long chapter? The divisions are odd.

Again the detail noted about an intermingled group of ethic inhabitants. It seems I’m not the only one who struggled with the absolute nature of god’s command to destroy the inhabitants. And it’s true that Israel never would live up to the image of a faithful nation.

It’s a bit like god’s command for us to destroy sin in our lives. To be sanctified. We never quite do. We leave sin living there in our hearts and habits.

And often it is as comfortable to us as just getting on with the locals would have seemed to the Israelites. Here in my demographic Christians have always been the comfortable ones, middle class, dominant, fitting right in.

Teach me to be hard edged with evil lord. To live your holiness, love what is right.

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