Joshua 13

Having finished the description of the conquering of the promised land, the Israelites take possession. This is the victory lap, the savouring of the realisation of the promise.

There is still land unconquered, and some of the people assimilate. Given god’s powerful message that this people are to remain separate, the seeds of failure are here.

Can’t help noticing the number of tribes, 12, matches the number of disciples. Does that mean Jesus is like the 13th tribe?

We get the lands matched to tribe. Here the lands to the east of Jordan, those Moses took possession of.

The point is made that Levites, the priestly tribe, don’t have land. Twice.

God and the fire of sacrifices are their inheritance.

It’s hard not to see this against the backdrop of modern Israel, still fighting for land. Jewish people are across the world, still a religious minority, living among but keeping themselves culturally distinct from many cultures. It’s interesting that that setup is present for the holy tribe from day one. No land of their own.

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