Joshua 14

The rest of the land division, for the lands conquered by Joshua west of the Jordan.

Here too as in the last chapter, some land remains unconquered. And there is comprise.

I don’t think God is against multiculturalism generally. The salvation plan is for the whole world. But the plan requires this race to be pure and separate, for them racism is functional.

But they let some of the foreigners live among them.

But it ends on a high, the sweetest promise fulfillment of all, the spy Caleb, the one who did not get freaked out by the fact that the promised land was already occupied by fortified cities, inherits the land he saw, the mountains. After 45 years.

He believed God could do it, and God did.

Happy this week, some small answered prayers. My eldest son, who suffers a kind of debilitating depression, has chosen to go to counselling voluntarily. This is a big step for him.

Persevere. God can do it.


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