Joshua 10

Is Joshua sent to test my belief? A lot of people have difficulty with the “long day”, the miracle where God made the sun stand still for a time so that an army could be defeated. Many theories that the text could be reinterpreted, or that it’s literally correct and the universe is out of whack by 24hrs.

For me once you’ve made it past the first chapter of the Bible, anything is possible. You’ve set up God, the star of the show, who made everything. It’s a bit late after that to say “oh but he didn’t part the red sea, or make water into wine, or make the sun go backwards” or whatever. Stop reading at chapter one dude!

I have no idea what happened with the sun. Maybe it was science, maybe poetry, don’t care.

The purging of the land alarms me more. Some promised land! Just butcher the inhabitants of 10s of peaceful cities and it’s yours!

It’s numbing now. We went from the story of Rahab and the sites of Jericho earlier to where the cities now barely rate a phrase as the pace picks up, just a comma in a list.

Lord you have a different architecture of meaning. I’m being disrespectful to you. I know there is much to learn from this book about your promises and my own treasured salvation.

I just don’t feel like trying hard right now. But I accept your omnipotence.

Flesh can be grass to you, to be mown down, I accept that, and you can know every hair on our head and know us in the womb and adorn us more than the flowers.

These stories don’t have to yield one nugget per chapter per day. I love you, I praise you, I thank you and I trust you, I really do.

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