Joshua 3

The people of Israel cross the Jordon, finally entering the promised land.

A moment and a chapter laden with symbolism. Symbolism is a gift God gives us to help us remember and overcome our struggles to understand ideas that are not tangible or concrete.

The ark of the covenant represents his promise and his holiness. They are to follow it, they’d literally be lost without it. But it is holy, they cannot venture too close.

The Jordan is the boundary and the gate to the land. The ark enters it and it stops flowing and opens.

The repeat of the red sea miracle, the parting of the waters, recalls gods choice and salvation of the people.

We know from yesterday’s chapter that the story of the rescue from Egypt was still repeated by the inhabitants of Jericho as evidence of god’s support and power. This event would have ratcheted up the fear somewhat.

The promise has arrived.

An awesome, cinematic moment about the power and blessing on gods chosen.

I, rarely, have had those hair on the back of the head moments in my own life. It feels good to remember that feeling. This is the God I still trust.

Aware that I have also failed despite the miracles, like the Israelites. But enjoying the feeling anyway.


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