Joshua 1

I get it, be strong and courageous.  Its repeated 3 times by God and echoed as the last words of the chapter by the people.

Joshua will lead the people to the promised land.  It will be exciting but tough, spiritually and practically.  He is taking over as leader.

The first thing he has to do is ask a tough favour. Separate two tribes’ men from their families, leave the families in the land east of the Jordan and march to claim the west.

The lord speaks to him, gives him Moses’ mantle, the people accept him as leader, we are away.

Courage is one of my wife’s favourite words.  It is strength without ego or aggression. We face huge stress at the moment, my son is crashing and burning big time in his first year at school.  We have been turning on each other.  Courage.

Its not just about leadership, its about making God’s word real on earth and in your own life. My own life. Courageous people don’t blame, they absorb.

Lord, give me courage and strength. 



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