Micah 7

This chapter describes judgement and mercy. Micah speaks of summer fruit, not quite like Amos did in the last chapter. For Amos it was a vision of decay but for Micah it’s a vehicle for longing and sorrow. He wants to find sweetness and goodness but can’t.

The best of them is like a brier, the most upright a sharp thorn. The prevailing standards of morality are so low, even the best is no good.  He describes a society with no trust, where it’s each man and woman for themself.

He decides to wait for the lord instead. He looks forward to the time when he will call Judah back and build the walls again. Which is confusing because I don’t think they have even gone into exile yet, so he is looking forward to a time when they are uprooted and when they go into exile, then return, and then fail again. It’s all very grim and makes the Messiah prophesies all the more vital.



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