Micah 4

Here commences 2 chapters of comfort. They could use it too, the people being in poverty here, while the elite exploit them. In Amos it was a time of general prosperity, and there were only glimpses of relief from the doom.

It’s a vision of an exulted Jerusalem… the holy mountain atop the other mountains… a hub from which god’s word emanates to all nations. Peace and abundance break out, swords made into ploughs as Jesus quoted, everyone happy under their own fig tree.

It’s a vision affirming that Israel’s God is the one true God of all the world.

On that day they won’t feel pathetic any more. The last shall be first. There is reference to the daughter of Jerusalem, which is I suppose like the new Jerusalem in revelation, which comes down from heaven like a bride. It’s also a true picture of the church, though to be in a literal church these days can feel like being part of a bedraggled remnant sometimes.

There are many nations gathering against them and wanting to defile them, pain is ahead like a childbirth, but glory too.

I was part of a Facebook discussion between Christians about an article taking about Christians loss of influence in our society over weekend. The responses felt a bit trump like… how can we make Christianity great again? I was glad I had the perspective of the minor prophets to bring to it.

Chill, don’t panic, God is in control. A time of weakness is likely to be in his plan. It’s not got to the point where we are being hounded and persecuted, but it may. But there are far more examples of his people being in that situation in the Bible than there are of them being culturally dominant. And when they have earthly strength is when they lose focus and become the most corrupt. So chill.

Comfort indeed.


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