Micah 2


Ever tuned out to a sermon? Ever NOT tuned out to at least part of a sermon.

God is aware that his messengers are treated as background noise. He’s aware of the seeming futility of the prophets. Speaking the truth is an end in itself, not always a means to an end.

This passage focuses, after an epic first chapter, on the evil of some particularly selfish and exploitative people. To them the prophesy is just prattle, the think they have it all together, they are wise guys.

They listen to lying prophets who tell shallow philosophies of wine and drink, the people’s prattlers.

A small group will stay faithful, and they will have chosen what is lasting and eternal, as the achievements of the wise guys come to nothing and they are ultimately lost.

So many images in the Bible of the smallness of the believers way. The narrow path, the remnant, the last, the weak, the meek, aliens and strangers. Yet we are still confronted by societies move away from respecting our religion as the dominant ideology. It’s uncomfortable, sure, but it’s a correction back to the natural state.

We must accept there is method in gods apparent madness.

These prophesy books are pictures of the strength and the power of God. They are detailing the sometimes dreadful detail of how in our weakness, he is made strong.


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