Micah 1

I’ve been reading a lot of minor prophets. Micah will be the last before I move on to something different.

3 chapters of judgement, 2 of comfort, 2 of salvation.

I’ve followed the chronological order according to Bible gateway. Last was Amos. Certainly the coming judgement and it’s cause declared by Micah is very similar to that of Amos. Judah, the southern kingdom, has merged religion with the Samaritans, the king worshipping their gods as well.

The prophesy of destruction from this apostasy in Michah 1 is, if anything, more urgent than in Amos. Its even closer to midnight. There is impressive imagery of God personified like a giant, trampling mountains of touching the land and it melting like wax.

Good to contemplate once again how meaningless Christianity becomes if it is no different to the surrounding culture.

I get worried about a siege mentality sometimes, as Christianity is becoming less the dominant value in western countries like mine, Christians are freaking out.

But it’s also a mistake to go the other way, which is more my personal temptation, and be OK with everything.

Last week in the sermon our rector gave a great example of those circus acts where the rider stands astride two horses at once. That’s what Judah is doing, and we can be tempted to live like that too. If the horses go different directions, disaster will ensue. Not practical to ride two horses at once.

Things are so tense in our family at the moment. My youngest, 12, is having trouble adapting to high school. Need much wisdom and clarity.


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