Amos 4

No more Mr. Nice guy

God is tired of mucking about. This chapter is the old testament prophet cliche, full of condemnation.  The first section is directed at the prosperous Israelites in Samaria.

They are selfish fat cows. But the good times will end and they’ll be looking for holes in the fence to escape. Fishers (raiders) will pull them and their future away like fish on a hook.

They’ll turn to their corrupt religion with their own made up rules in which the true God is just one deity along with Baal, but the more they work at it the more it will show how far they are from God.

Then a section listing all that God has done to Israel to shock them out if their complacency and have them turn to him: weather disasters, attacks, lean times etc.

No more indirect measures. Now it’s their time to face God in his full awesome power:

The one who made mountains and wind … (concrete and invisible strength); who is in our minds, who can break time, who is beyond all. The lord of hosts.


I return to Jesus’ parable of the rich fool who counted all his money, went to bed and died in his sleep. We all have our brief time before we face God, think about how you use it!


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