Amos 2

One more judgement, Moab, who are judged for their treatment of Edom (they are always mentioned together in the Bible!) Then the ring of judgement around the Jews is complete.

Judah is judged as a write off, completely given to false gods. That’s the southern kingdom, including Jerusalem… I always thought they were the more faithful one, but no.

Israel is the one that hurts. They are supposedly still following God but loaded with sin.

He mentions particularly sexual immortality and inequality, gross treatment of the poor, selling countrymen to slavery.

It’s a message to a society like ours apparently. Prosperous, complacent. Lazily, greedily sinful.

God is saying all the sin is like a heavy load that slows down a cart. He can’t move. He refers to all the mighty things he did for them, bringing them out of slavery, giving them the land. But now, their lack of faith, the weight of their sin, makes them vulnerable.

It’s a useful metaphor. We are the eyes, ears hands and legs of God on earth. Distracted by an easy life, obsessed with our own betterment, disregarding of the weak, God cannot function effectively through us.

Like a cart that is overloaded, they can’t spiritually (and probably literally) escape or fight. It’s similar to that verse where saint Paul talks about shedding the things that would weigh you down so you can run the race before you.

So true, we get tangled up in life and society gets tangled up in its own progress, and without time for God the drift is so often towards corruption and heartlessness.

Keep me spiritually lean, show me what to shed father.


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