Jonah 1

I love Bible stories! God, the creator gives them great creativity. We have spoilers of course. we know that Jonah will wind up in a big fish. But it’s still so unexpected and delightful.

The narrative couldn’t be better, it builds and builds the dilemma like the storm. The attempts to row out of the storm by human effort. Jonah’s acceptance of the failure of his God escape while the sailors still work though their denial: we couldn’t possibly throw you over? The weird faith of the apostate that is only just beneath the surface.

Then the 3 nights in a fish, just for a Dadaist touch to end the chapter.

I hadn’t realised how nicely the sailors on the ship come off. They try very hard not to throw Jonah into the sea, and it becomes their moment with their creator.

But how can they not put two and two together, Jonah told them he was running away from God before the storm started. The God of the Hebrews. The amazing God of the Hebrews.

I still regularly spend part of every week running away from God. I still wonder if I should bring things to him in prayer. What am I thinking. He’s there! He knows!


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