Zechariah 12

These two chapters, 12 & 13, concern the day of the Lord. Which will be a remarkable day.

It will be a day when enemies besiege the Lord, and he showed not just his strength but his omnipotence and his character. He is the one who made the world and formed our spirit within us, vast in power, intimate in knowledge.

On that day…. The statement clangs though the passage like a bell.

… Everyone will know that God is behind Jerusalem, so resistance is futile,
… Enemies will be vanquished, the weakest of the Jews will seem as blessed and strong as king David
… Jerusalem themselves will weep as no nation has wept before, because they will lose their pride and mourn for God “the one they pierced”.

Yes it’s gone messianic again. The Jews are the most favored nation, so the envy and the stumbling block of the world, but also the ones who let god down the most, so the most miserably aware of their sin and the magnitude of God’s grace.

Now it is the day of the Lord, and I am one of God’s people. I am among the favored, most aware of God’s grace and how little I deserve it, a stumbling block to the world.

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