Zechariah 13

More “on that day” prophesies about the day of the Lord.
… there will be a fountain that purifies the nation (reminds me of the Cowper hymn “there is a fountain filled with blood”)
… the name of the idols will be cut off and forgotten
… false prophets will be rejected, they will be ashamed of their lying and deceit.

It’s quite sweet, because it paints a picture of the false prophets being thrown out and even pierced by their family if they reappear, but not killed. Eventually they admit that they were only ever really a farmer, and they identify the wounds on their chests as having been given by their friends.

But things get more serious in the poem that follows, where God speaks of a winnowing, how only a third of the nation will be saved, two thirds severed and scattered by the sword of the Lord.  And even for those saved it will be a hard path of being refined and purified through fire.

I always have a survivor guilt reaction to those passages, Jesus picks up the refining imagery too, as does Hebrews in the New Testament. I feel like I haven’t been through the fire, and I feel ashamed of my chronic sin, forgiven with so little effort on my part.  Still, the guys who just have scars to show for being false prophets got a pretty good deal too.



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