Zechariah 10

This is written directly with God’s voice.

The opening section is about his love and care for the people, expressed as rain and crops. He continues de-programming trust in the idols and foreign religions which the Israelites had been emersed in the past 70 years.

He talks about the fate of the two kingdoms, Judah and Ephraim. Judah will be forgiven and become strong and victory will come from them. He speaks of giving the Ephraimites – who seem to have been scattered further and for longer – warrior hearts with joy for him. Sort of like self esteem, dignity. And gathering them in from the far flung regions to which they are spread, evoking the escape from Egypt of old.

God carries out his plans though weak humans. His salvation plan was all but lost by the Israelites’ splintering and unfaithfulness.

Now they have been shaken, restored, forgiven. His character in that forgiveness is to abundantly bless them, build up their identity and strength. To be true, unlike the self serving false gods. To have compassion. To gather and protect the lost. Praise be!


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