Zechariah 9

A mighty prophesy of things in the near and far future. This has some predictable and surprising elements.

It’s a picture of God as king with lightning bolts and glory. A picture of him saving and preserving Israel, but also the surrounding nations, even as they are condemned and put though a similar winnowing process as Israel has been though in the exile to Babylon.

There is a prediction of the relationship with Greece, both battles and help, which came true in the period between the testaments.

The messianic prediction are striking: a king coming in a donkey, establishing a rule to the ends of the earth. And the Jews will always have a special place, shining young and beautiful like jewels in God’s crown.

It’s all piled in there, I don’t really understand it, but I know it’s truth, the king Messiah is the one I worship.

Feeling a bit sad and frustrated this week. All this glory, but my family feels like it’s in pain. I feel like I should use my strength to help the weak, but not sure how.

Yes I need to pray now.

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