Zechariah 3

Zechariah is loaded with vivid visions. And they are all about grace.

Here the high priest, a literal person called Joshua, stands before the Lord. His clothes are filthy and Satan stands at his right side to accuse him of sin.

But before anything can happen the angel of the Lord put clean clothes on him. Pops a clean turban in his head (loved visualising that). Apparently it is a distinct priestly garment. In case you missed the symbolism, the angel declares that the clean clothes are the removal of sin.

The passage is rich with meaning as a prophesy of Jesus. I like the stick theme… Israel was about to burn up all together to ashes in the fire but God grabbed it out. The priest is made clean by God, the nation is.

But these men, the priests are but symbols of greater salvation god will send. His servant the branch, and the rock with 7 eyes (implies omnipotence) will remove the sin of the nation in one day. Ends with a verse of peace and abundance, neighbours sitting together under fig and vines trees.

What a ride.

I keep being surprised how the bible hangs together. You get so used to the lazy talk of the “god of the old testament” you expect to be alienated by it. So much grace here, such love and peace. So much Messiah, Jesus is there.


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